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Dear Readers,


In a world affected by a climate crisis, war, and scarcity of key resources, we now have a last chance to turn the wheel toward a sustainable future. At Greening the Islands, we feel the responsibility to contribute to the global race to net zero from our perspective: by protecting and empowering island communities.


Islands suffer the worst consequences of global crises, but at the same time have the potential to lead the way for change. They are natural laboratories of climate and human innovation, where sustainable solutions can be tested with lower investment and quicker results.


New technologies not yet competitive on the mainland are instead convenient in the islands, where obsolete, polluting technologies are also extremely expensive. As in – for instance – the case of geothermal energy against diesel-based thermal generation.


Nevertheless, even the most competitive clean technologies such as solar, wind, or RES water desalination are not yet exploited to their full potential. And this is just because of old legislations that still protect and incentivize consolidated business models and interests. This is not acceptable anymore.


At Greening the Islands, we believe that what is needed to accelerate the energy transition is to provide scientific support to island decision makers, to create a platform where global leaders can meet and discuss challenges and new solutions for islands, and to facilitate cooperation and access to finance. We do that through the GTI Observatory since 2018, and through events, forums, and workshops since 2014, involving island stakeholders at local, national, and international level.


Now is time for a jump forward, providing information to all people, which need to be empowered and take action. We have to disseminate knowledge about islands as circular economy models, promoting the nexuses within sectors such as energy, water, mobility, waste, agriculture, tourism, as well as good governance and social inclusion.


Today, we are excited to announce a renovated GTI website that will include the GTI Magazine as a key feature. We will invite all of you involved in different ways in islands’ sustainability to contribute content and follow us, because this is your platform, available to support a fast change of pace in the direction of a sustainable way of living. This is our last chance.

Gianni Chianetta

Gianni Chianetta

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