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Energy Transition, Actors and Priorities in the Mediterranean

It is important for policymakers, industry and energy stakeholders, and communities in the Mediterranean region to prioritize renewable energy deployment and create an enabling environment for its growth.


By leveraging its natural resources, promoting innovation, and fostering regional cooperation, the Mediterranean region can make a significant contribution to tripling global renewables capacity by 2030 – targeting 1TW as emerged from the Greening the Islands event in Athens – and to a sustainable and low-carbon future.


On the other hand, Mediterranean islands can act as pioneers and catalysts for the energy transition, showcasing the potential of renewable energy, enhancing energy resilience, and contributing to sustainable development in the region. Their unique characteristics make them ideal testing laboratories for implementing innovative solutions that can be replicated on larger scales.


It is crucial for MENA countries to develop supportive policies, regulatory frameworks, and innovative financial mechanisms to encourage renewable energy deployment and facilitate a just transition. That way, these countries can diversify their economies, create jobs, empower local communities, improve energy access, and contribute to global climate goals.


Europe, through engaging and supporting the Mediterranean energy transition, can contribute to the region’s sustainable development, enhance energy security, promote economic growth, and advance global climate goals. In this regard, collaboration and partnership between Europe and Mediterranean countries are essential for achieving a successful and equitable energy transition in the region.


Editor’s Note: Dr El Kharraz issued this statement in the margin of the Greening the Islands event on the Mediterranean’s energy transition, hosted in Athens as part of the Circle the MED Forum 2024, on January 19. To learn more about RCREEE, visit their website.


Author: Dr. Jauad El Kharraz, Executive Director, Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE)

Jauad El Kharraz

Jauad El Kharraz

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