Greening the Islands Foundation


Gran Canaria - 1,2 & 3 February 2023

The GTI Observatory Summit addresses the necessity for a meeting of the global leaders of the sustainable transition focused on islands. The annual GTIO Summit is run by the two leading GTIO committees: the Island Advisory Committee and the Strategy Scientific Committee. The objective of this operative meeting is to steer the GTIO’s strategy for the year ahead drawing on the work of the past year across technology, policy and finance.

GTI will provide basis for the discussion presenting the first GTI Observatory Report, which includes the results of the Observatory work across the different thematic areas of the islands’ circular economy, as well as good practices gathered from members and partners.

As GTI promotes the public-private partnership, selected companies that offer innovative solutions to the islands’ challenges will take part in the event as observers. Special guests will also be present to enrich the discussion on the latest island intelligence with testimonies and contents in an operative meeting. Participants will have the opportunity to strengthen cooperation, originate new partnerships and initiatives, and produce recommendations for central governments.

The GTIO Summit also represents an opportunity for the host islands – this year Gran Canaria, Canary Islands – to showcase its decarbonization strategy, disseminate good practices, and promote its territory.

Why Greening the Islands at International Forum Ecoislas

Some sessions of the GTIO Summit will be hosted by the International Forum Ecoislas and will represent for the Forum participants a unique opportunity to meet the global islands’stakeholders to share good practices, innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions to accelerate sustainable transition. At the same time, guests of the GTIO Summit will have the opportunity to meet national and local speakers involved in the dialogue whose focus is to consolidate GC as an eco-island.

Gran Canaria will consolidate and expand its global network of institutions and business to attract investments in the country and create business opportunities for the local companies, also partnering with international solution providers.

The Summit of the GTI Observatory - the islands’ think tank - will host an international public-private dialogue to define the main gaps that need to be bridged in the development of ideal green islands.

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The 8th edition of the GTI Awards, previously scheduled in the context of the GTI eConvention on Friday October 28th, is postponed to February 2023 at the 1st GTI Observatory Summit, hosted by the Government of Gran Canaria.