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Greening The Islands Champions 100% Renewable Islands at COP28

Greening the Islands (GTI) Foundation a pioneering organisation dedicated to advancing sustainability and self-sufficiency of islands worldwide, will be participating in COP28 in Dubai, advocating islands as models for complete renewable energy transitions.


At the landmark UN climate summit, GTI Foundation will unveil the preliminary outcomes of renewable energy strategies applied in Rodrigues (Mauritius) and announce new islands joining the initiative. Greening the Islands will host three island-centred events in the Blue Zone of COP28.


GTI Foundation, in collaboration with UN DESA, will be hosting “Small Islands Leading the Way Towards 100% Renewables” in the SDG Pavilion on 5th December at 9am (UTC +4), showcasing the pivotal role small islands play in a sustainable future. A panel discussion will allow island government and industry representatives to dig deeper into the importance of transforming energy systems, recognising how islands are ideal testbeds to showcase the technical and economic feasibility of 100% renewable energy systems.


GTI Foundation will also spearhead a Ministerial Panel, in cooperation with the Global Solar Council and the Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development for the Government of Malta, focusing on “Achieving 100% Renewable Energy: How Small Island States Can Lead the Way”, in the Global Renewables Hub, with the objective of providing unique platforms to discuss islands’ energy transition to COP28. The event will take place at the Global Renewable Alliance / IRENA pavilion on the 9th of December at 2pm (UTC +4).


At the Greece Pavilion, GTI Foundation will co-organise “Accelerating the Green and Blue Energy Transition in Islands,” further highlighting its commitment to empowering islands globally for a 100% renewable energy future. The event will be co-organised by the Greek & Maltese governments and Greening the Islands Foundation in the Greek Pavilion on the 10th of December at 11am (UTC +4).


As islands face escalating risks from climate change and the window narrows for the world to get on track for 1.5°C warming, GTI Foundation continues to believe COP28 offers an opportunity for positive transformation.


GTI Foundation’s advocacy pushes for hope in the climate crisis, with islands becoming resilient models for sustainable energy, mitigating the adverse effects of climate change.


Greening the Islands will continue to work towards a future where islands thrive powered by 100% renewable energy.

GTI Foundation

GTI Foundation

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