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GTI Observatory Report – Navigating challenges and embracing a circular future for sustainable waste management on small islands

The GTI Observatory Report is a comprehensive work that looks at the main challenges faced by islands along their decarbonization path, analysing sector by sector the problems with a focus on technology, policy, and finance. With the involvement of the Observatory members and partners, it identifies the most innovative and sustainable solutions and presents the latest good practices. This month, we focus on Waste. The Report also includes Water, Energy, Transportation, Agriculture, Tourism, and Air quality. Stay tuned for a new blog every month and become a member to access the full report and learn more about challenges and opportunities for islands’ sustainability and self-sufficiency. 


Small islands are confronted with significant waste management complexities due to the limited availability of land for landfills and treatment facilities. This is further compounded by the fluctuating waste generation pattern associated with tourism. During tourist seasons, in fact, there are significant increases in waste production, surpassing the capacity of local waste management systems and emphasizing the need for flexible and resilient solutions.


As a result, small islands are often obliged to ship waste to the mainland with high costs associated. Additionally, the environmental impact of waste transportation is notable, as ships contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and pose the risk of spills at sea. The repercussions extend far and wide, affecting not only the pristine environments but also the economic stability of island communities.

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The GTI Observatory Report explores how the implementation of circular economy principles presents a meaningful opportunity for islands to effectively tackle waste management issues and create new economic prospects.


From the implementation of deposit-return systems (which provide incentives for the return of beverage containers for recycling) and reusable packaging solutions, to banning single-use plastics, maximising composting and anaerobic digestion (which converts food waste and other organic residues into biogas) are among the solutions proposed and showcased through case studies

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