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GTI Observatory Report – Renewable Energy on Islands: A Vital, Cross-cutting Challenge

The GTI Observatory Report is a comprehensive work that looks at the main challenges faced by islands along their decarbonization path, analyzing sector by sector the problems with a focus on technology, policy, and finance. With the involvement of the Observatory members and partners, it identifies the most innovative and sustainable solutions and presents the latest good practices. This month, we focus on Energy. The Report also includes Water, Transportation, Waste, Agriculture, Tourism, and Air quality. Stay tuned for a new blog every month and become a member to access the full report and learn more about challenges and opportunities for islands’ sustainability and self-sufficiency.


As islands continue to be at the forefront of the climate crisis, the GTI Observatory Report unveils the strategies guiding them towards a sustainable future. You can get a sneak peek of the energy chapter’s highlights below.


Islands’ self-sufficiency and socio-economic growth can be boosted through a wide spectrum of renewable technologies in combination with energy efficiency solutions and a decentralized approach. The report emphasises the importance of collaboration between public and private funding, a supportive regulatory environment, and active engagement of island territories from central governments. Thanks to the involvement of experts and the lesson learned though several events, dedicated meetings, and studies, the report puts forward a set of recommendations in order to upscale renewables on islands.

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Solar power emerges as a beacon in the energy revolution, with many islands showcasing vast potential. Simplified permits and effective incentives are instrumental to making solar PV systems shine especially on residential, public, and commercial roofs. Thanks to unique versatility, modularity, low costs, and reliability, solar PV can dramatically advance islands’ energy security and power systems resilience, especially when combined with energy storage solutions. Are you ready to embrace the power of the sun?


Wind power also takes the spotlight when looking at the decarbonization of islands, with the report shedding light on generally high potential and different technologies available, as well as on critical policy areas like the Maritime Spatial Planning. The EU is aiming high, targeting 80 GW of offshore wind capacity installed by 2030. Ambitious, right? But it all boils down to efficient regulations and transparent planning.


Green hydrogen steps up as a versatile ally in this context, serving as both fuel and an energy carrier. The report explores the opportunities of converting surplus renewable energy into green hydrogen during low-tourism periods.


Ocean energy technology can also play an important role due to high predictability, especially on small islands with limited land available. The report unveils how wave, tidal, and other technologies can power islands and coastal communities, even delving into its role in high-growth industries.


Geothermal power really is Earth’s hidden treasure. The report discusses community involvement and the spread of efficient technologies. With high potential on many islands worldwide, are you ready to unearth the secrets of geothermal power?

Essential and transversal element for the decarbonization of energy systems is energy storage. The report showcases various battery, non-battery, and hybrid storage solutions delving into how these are key to enable higher renewable power penetration into the islands’ grids while ensuring their stability, flexibility, and resilience. Storage emerges as a power grid superhero!


In conclusion, the report provides a wealth of innovative clean energy strategies for island’s sustainability and self-sufficiency in the face of climate and energy crises. While we’ve offered a glimpse, there’s a trove of information, recommendations, and captivating case studies across different technologies awaiting you in the GTI Observatory Report. Become a member have access to the full document for our breakdown into this important sector and more.

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Part of our Report, is an in-depth study looking at islands revolutionising mobility. Discover more below in our overview. Become a member to access the report, which will offer full insights into the matter as well as innovations and best practices to improve green mobility.

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