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GTI Report to be introduced in 2022 as key resource for islands and corporates

In 2022 GTI deepens technological scope with the Observatory and Academy, strengthens geographical focus in the e_Convention

Malta, February 3 – All the themes on which GTI has focused last year will be taken up again during 2022 in the context of the Observatory and the Academy with various technical workshops. The next GTI e_Convention (9th edition) will include policy and finance sessions dedicated to different geographical areas: Asia Pacific, Indian Ocean, Europe, Caribbean.

Last year brought new members to the GTI Observatory and more than 1000 visitors from all over the world joined the 8th GTI e_Convention, with 85 international speakers and 15 technical sessions. Drawing on the work of the task forces, the exceptional participation in the e_Convention, and the know how of its partners, GTI is producing a substantial report which will represent the go-to resource for all islands willing to scale up their sustainable transition, as well as for the solution providers and investors that seek to assist them.

The GTI Report will cover all the sectors of the island economy with focus and updates on the most significant technology and on good policy practices. It will be further enriched by the activity of the GTI Observatory and Academy in the first semester of 2022, prior to its publication envisioned for the summer.

The focus on the integration of technology, policy and finance has allowed the GTI Observatory to identify the most viable ways to regulate, finance and deploy the most innovative sustainable solutions to the islands’ needs, but also to understand how those can be improved. An example is the Italian Minor Islands Decree, a very good policy practice seeking to accelerate renewable energy deployment on small non-interconnected islands but which needs improvements to unlock full potential. In the context of the GTI Report, the Observatory will formulate proposals to improve the instrument and boost its replicability, in order to disseminate the practice in other countries.

In 2022, GTI will continue cooperating with valuable partners such as IRENA, UNDESA, FAO, Asian Development Bank, Insuleur, CPMR, GLISPA, SMILO, ESIN, Fedarene, which took part in the 8th e_Convention, will keep collecting the best island projects within the GTI Awards, will strengthen the Observatory Global Index and start applying the new Greening the Islands Certification with the aim of creating opportunities for the integration of technology, policy and finance and accelerating islands’ sustainable transition.


Note for the editors

Greening the Islands (GTI) is an innovative organization that supports self-sufficiency and sustainability of islands worldwide. GTI launched the  GTI Observatory, a global initiative that aggregates key stakeholders to match island needs and innovative solutions in energy, water, mobility and environmental sectors. The GTI Observatory facilitates the development of shared strategies between governments and corporates.

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