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GTI supports islands’ Green Recovery Plans



To identify solutions and financing opportunities GTI offers to the islands free of charge membership to the Observatory, technical workshops and booths at the e_Convention 24-27 November (deadline November 19th) and rewards best practices at the GTI Awards.

The second wave of the Pandemic has just started and islands are living an unprecedented health and economic crisis, but in parallel with managing the emergency it is important to utilize this time of forced inactivity to build back better and design more resilient and sustainable economic models for islands. To this end, GTI offers support through the GTI Observatory and the e_Convention. The GTI Awards give also the opportunity to disseminate best practices.

Becoming member of the GTI Observatory free of charge, islands around the world can take active part to the GTI e_Convetion benefitting, without any cost if registered by November 19th, of the following:

  • be grouped with other islands with similar needs to join forces in finding solutions and sharing best practices;
  • opportunity to be selected by the Strategy Scientific Committeeto be part of GTI Observatory Task Forces and GTI e_Convention workshops, as speaker or panelist;
  • access to the GTI reserved area with information related to policies and innovative solutions for islands;
  • GTI e_Convention VIP ticket with free access to talk with speakers and reserved networking area;
  • presence in the regional booth in GTI e_Convention exhibition area for free to promote the island;
  • free tickets to a number of webinars on the most suitable circular economy solutions for islands.

Joining the GTI Observatory as an island member means to be part of a global network of islands committed to become carbon neutral, measure the level of sustainability of your island, receive feedbacks and recommendations on what policies and projects should be implemented in your island to accelerate the sustainable development and guarantee your presence in the exhibition and participation in the workshops of the GTI e_Convention.

After six international conferences dedicated to island circular economies, this year Greening the Islands organise the first GTI e_Convention taking place on 24-27 November 2020 with 15 dedicated workshops and an exhibition area where islands will promote their territories presenting the progress on their sustainable transition and in collaboration with corporates will come together to originate projects.

A global three days’ event focused on the most innovative solutions on energy, water, mobility, waste, agriculture, blue growth and sustainable tourism will be followed by a European Forum deepening the EU policies and the new regulation on energy storage to accelerate the sustainable transition of islands.

The global event will end with the 6th edition of the Greening the Islands AWARDS where all the islands’ administrations of the world are allowed to participate with projects related to Water, Waste, Renewable energy and energy efficiency, Sustainable mobility, Agriculture and Sustainable tourism categories.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=\”20px\”][vc_single_image image=\”10226\” img_size=\”full\” alignment=\”center\” onclick=\”custom_link\” link=\”\”][vc_empty_space][vc_btn title=\”Lear more about the GTI e_Convention\” style=\”gradient-custom\” gradient_custom_color_1=\”#35a5ce\” gradient_custom_color_2=\”#003a8c\” align=\”center\” link=\”||target:%20_blank|\”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

GTI Foundation

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