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Islands and technology leaders meet at the GTI e_Convention to accelerate adoption of circular economy and recover from the pandemic


The 7th GTI International Conference goes digital and launches the first global island exhibition

GTI Observatory’s task forces in 15 workshops on circular economy technologies

The 7th Greening the Islands International Conference goes digital with the first e_Convention, that includes a virtual exhibition where islands promote their territories, presenting the progress on their sustainable transition, and corporates showcase the latest innovative solutions and best practices. The event will take place from the 24th to the 27th of November.

As global awareness on climate change increases sharply alongside its effects, new policies all over the world are promoting innovative and flexible solutions to support greater autonomy, resilience and sustainability of communities. At COP21, islands have been recognized as laboratories for testing innovative circular economy solutions. Besides, a sustainable island is also an ideal green destination for the increasing number of tourists committed to protect the environment and the biosphere.

The GTI e_Convention grants the possibility of diving into the islands world, drawing on the vast experience accumulated over the years from its Observatory. In fact, since 2017, the GTI Observatory has been running a deep dive into islands’ status and needs, facilitating the origination of projects. The recent established task forces on energy, water, mobility, waste, agriculture, blue growth and sustainable tourism ensure to deepen the different technologies of the circular economies. The progress of each Observatory’s task force, as well as topics of potential new ones, will be presented in thematic workshops during the International Conference.

The GTI e_Convention is a unique platform where innovators, islands administrations, institutions and investors of the vast GTI network come together to originate and develop new projects to match islands’ needs. Moreover, this year the GTI annual event will be digital to address the international health requirements while reaching a wider audience and reducing costs and emissions.

The global event will start with an opening session on islands as laboratories of innovation and climate change mitigation and will end with the 6th edition of the GTI Awards to reward and disseminate the best solutions applied worldwide on energy, water, mobility, waste, agriculture and sustainable tourism. A jury of prestigious experts has been selected to evaluate the projects based on both qualitative and quantitative criteria, like CO2 savings, the ecological and economic value added, replicability in other areas and the degree of innovation. The GTI Awards contemplate the possibility for island stakeholders to influence the final decision voting through the GTI app.

The global three days’ event focused on technologies will be followed by a European Forum deepening EU policies and new regulations on energy storage to accelerate the sustainable transition of islands.

Notes for editors:  Greening the Islands (GTI) is an innovative organization that supports self-sufficiency and sustainability of islands worldwide. GTI launched the  GTI Observatory, a global initiative that aggregates key stakeholders to match island needs and innovative solutions in energy, water, mobility and environmental sectors. The GTI Observatory facilities the development of shared strategies between governments and corporates.

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