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Islands Gain Extraordinary Representation Within the Global Solar PV Industry

GTI Foundation Chair Joins Global Solar Council Board of Directors. Gianni Chianetta will also Serve as Secretary.

Greening the Islands (GTI) Foundation is proud to announce the nomination of its Chair, Gianni Chianetta, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Global Solar Council (GSC), the global solar PV industry association. Elections of the Board of Directors, the governing body of the GSC responsible for the supervision and management of the organization, took place on January 30, 2024. Afterwards, the Board elected Chianetta to the position of Secretary for a two-year term.


Greening the Islands Foundation became a member of the GSC in 2023, in the category “supporting organizations”. The GSC is part of the Strategy Scientific Committee of the GTI Observatory, which is composed of leading international institutions and organizations in sustainability-related sectors, responsible for addressing islands’ challenges, providing recommendations to the other Committees, and informing the Observatory’s agenda.


Gianni Chianetta has long been a leader in the renewable energy transition, advocating for the acceleration of the deployment of solar power across the world as a key solution to achieve net zero emissions, energy security, and socio-economic development. After co-founding the GSC in 2015, he served as GSC Co-Chairman until 2018, Chair-elect in 2019, Chair of the Board in 2020, and then as CEO in 2021-2023.


Chianetta’s election grants the GTI Observatory members, GTI Foundation partners, and islands from across the globe representation at the highest level within the global solar PV industry, a unique opportunity to spotlight their specific perspectives and asks. In combination with other renewables and storage technologies, solar power is a key technology to advance islands’ energy transition and overall sustainability.


Greening the Islands Foundation launched the 100% RES Islands Initiative based on a concept of islands worldwide as laboratories for renewable energy and circular economy, to create replicable models everywhere. Empowering the renewable energy nexus with other sectors such as water, agriculture, transport, and waste management is crucial to advance island communities’ resilience against climate and economic shocks that impact them disproportionately. To develop diversified clean energy mixes and unlock energy security on islands, solar power plays a particularly important role.


“GSC has the responsibility to represent one of the most important technologies in human history – solar power – and make sure we leave no one behind. I am honored to keep offering my contribution to this goal in such crucial times, as we collectively aim at tripling renewable energy capacity by 2030”, said Chianetta. “Alongside 20-year experience in the international energy sector, thanks to my current role as Chair of the Greening the Islands Foundation I’ll contribute a particular view on the role of solar power in the context of circularity and resilience to climate change”.

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