Greening the Islands Foundation


Irene Estaún Clarisó

GTI Specialist Biodiversity

Irene Estaún Clarisó Consultant on sustainability and decarbonization in islands She graduated in Environmental Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has developed most of her professional career in the management of European projects. 

Between 2000-2014, she was the director of three LIFE Nature projects focused on biodiversity conservation and restoration, and 3 INTERREG projects focused on sustainable management of water resources. From 2015 to 2023, she was director of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve.

Her work focused on strengthening sustainability policies on the island and fostering the “Menorca 2030 Strategy” a roadmap for the decarbonization of the island’s energy system. One of her achievements was the extension of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve, which in 2019 became the largest marine Biosphere Reserve in the Mediterranean Sea. She was also in charge of the technical secretariat of the World Network of Island and Coastal Biosphere Reserves, a secretariat that Menorca shares with the island of Jeju (Republic of Korea) since 2012.