Greening the Islands Foundation


Olivier Salas

GTI Specialist Environment | Legal

Olivier is a London-based senior environmental lawyer, specialised in the field of low-carbon & energy transition. His consultancy is targeted primarily at private actors and State organisations, assisting in their challenge to address the impacts of climate change. 


Olivier advises on Energy Transition, driving insight into EU and UK policy & legal tools to accelerate net-zero transition focusing on regimes to incentivise the use of renewable energy, Greenwashing Mitigation – assisting private sector in understanding the risks of climate litigation for failure to address climate risk (shareholders’ action) and for misleading advertising as to their action on climate change (consumers’ action), and Legal Issues arising from Voluntary Carbon Markets & Carbon Removal Technologies used by stakeholders to reach stated goals around reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  


Before that, Olivier worked in private legal practice in London using legal strategies, including litigation & dispute resolution mechanisms, to hold fossil fuel & mining transnational companies accountable for their detrimental impact on the environment. He spearheaded a landmark legal case (2015 -2020) against UK-based mining company Vedanta Resources Plc to account for water pollution and soil contamination in Zambia.


Olivier was admitted to practice law as an English solicitor in 2003. He holds a Masters of Law from University College London (2011) in Environmental Regulation & International Environmental Law. Before reading Law in England, Olivier graduated from HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales), Paris in Economics & Business Strategy.