Greening the Islands Foundation


GTI Specialists

Greening the Islands Foundation has selected a team of global experts and island specialists on the different topics of the circular economy and sustainability to support the implementation of its initiatives

Paolo Barbato

Air Quality

Borja Blanco


Antonio Carrano

Energy | Smart Grid

Matteo Ernandes

Energy | Engineering

Irene Estaún Clarisó


Enzo Favoino


Ana Fernández Iglesias

Circular Economy

Reyad Fezzani

Energy | Finance

Emilio Gabbrielli


Silvia Livoni

Land Mobility

Karim Megherbi

Renewable Energy

Helmut Morsi

Sea Mobility

Attilio Piattelli

Energy | Business Models

ITC | Gonzalo P. Izquierdo

Technical partner

John P. Portelli

Governance and Inclusion

Olivier Salas

Environment | Legal

Emilio Sani

Energy | Legal

Carlo Zuccaro

Energy | Engineering