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The Overseas Countries and Territories Association joins the GTI Observatory

Through the GTI Observatory, OCTA seeks to meet the industrial world, to understand together how to act towards the sustainable transition empowering the latest technology.

Greening the Islands is glad to welcome the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA) which signed an agreement to join the GTI Observatory (GTIO) as member of the Island Advisory Board.

The Island Advisory Committee – one of the two leading bodies of the GTIO, along with the Strategy Scientific Committee – is composed by the most relevant island stakeholders among local authorities, business, citizens and academia. It is responsible for addressing island needs and communicating them to the Strategy Scientific Committee, and takes part to the Working Groups on Energy, Water, Mobility, Waste, Agriculture and Sustainable Tourism.

Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) depend constitutionally on the European Union Member States: Denmark, France and the Netherlands. Although the OCTs do not form part of the EU territory, they are associated to the EU with the Overseas Association Decision (OAD).

OCTA aims to promote the collective interests of the OCTs. Especially, its vision is for all OCTs of the EU to be on a path of sustainable development, whilst projecting their natural environment, by promoting economic and human development through cooperation with the EU as well as with regional and global partners. The Association is carrying out studies and other projects in this direction, such as the launch of a Blue Economy study or on Energy, or webinars such as the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030.

Therefore, the association said in a statement: “OCTA is strongly involved in sectors of interest to GTI such as sustainable development and the cooperation between the two organisations will be very fruitful. Signing an MOU with GTI is a logical continuation of the search for our mutual long-term goals related to the Sustainable Development Goals. OCTA is looking forward to work towards these goals alongside GTI.

The Overseas Countries and Territories Association of the European Union (OCTA) was created in 2003 and is registered as a non-profit organisation in Belgium.

OCTA’s highest decision-making organ is the Ministerial Conference which consists of the representatives (Heads of Government or delegates) of each member government. It meets annually. The Executive Committee gathers the EU representatives of the OCTs and manages the daily work of the association, supported by its Secretariat.

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