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GTI and partners are awarded another EU Horizon tender focused on water governance

GTI is glad to be part of a consortium of international organizations that was awarded an EU Horizon tender with the objective of designing and fostering integrated, innovative and inclusive Nexus-smart water governance schemes and institutional settings to promote a secure water future in the EU, resilient to climate change.

As a partner of the RETOUCH Nexus project, GTI’s role will focus on the design of financing and business models and will include communication, dissemination and engagement. GTI will also support the Energy and Water Agency of Malta on specific technical issues in managing the Maltese case study.

GTI is active on the islands’ water sector as one of the key focus points for the GTI Observatory, proposing innovative solutions and policies. Check out the water section of the preview of the GTI Observatory Report.

With increased water scarcity due to climate change, the trade-offs and synergies intrinsic to an efficient allocation of water resources to various competing uses have become more polarized. Realizing the importance of an integrated water governance, the RETOUCH Nexus project introduces and promotes the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus as a multi-level and cross-sectoral approach that advocates the EU water economy and, in addition, relies on ecological and social considerations.

RETOUCH Nexus follows an evidence-based approach to propose, assess and optimize a set of WEFE Nexus smart methods in six different case studies reflecting various cross-sectoral, multi-level and multi-stakeholder water governance contexts. In the specific, the project will:

  • monitor water governance by providing a set of Nexus-smart socio-economic and environmental indicators that reflect the cross-sectoral and multi-level nature of water use;
  • design integrated and climate-resilient water governance practices that ensure sustainable water systems. It will also develop economic instruments and business models that support robust water management under cross-sectoral competition;
  • foster more transparent, inclusive and innovative engagement mechanisms that empower stakeholder and citizen participation in water governance;
  • aim to effectively increase the socio-economic and environmental resilience of water governance in Europe by upscaling and endorsing successful and sustainable Nexus-based water governance interventions that will be designed and validated throughout the duration of the project.


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